13082016 1204800642864020 352653223 n Ζήσης Βουργάνας (Zissis Vourganas)
A passionate motorsport fan, has been watching Formula 1 since 1991. Loyal supporter of Jean Alesi, he anticipates the entrance to the sport of his son Giuliano Alesi with great excitement.
  Άγγελος Φωτσεινός (Angelos Fotsinos)
Α life-time fan of Williams, has been watching Formula 1 since 1997 - the last championship season for Team Willy. If he had the opportunity, he would somehow place his favourite Giancarlo Fisichella in a FW cockpit.
 13090346 10201583234700878 490892740 n Αυγερινός Δημακόπουλος (Avgerinos Dimakopoulos)
A Formula 1 follower since 1994, a much intruiguing season from technical aspect. Keen on the technological side of Formula 1, he could spend hours analysing the innovative ideas of the great Colin Chapman.
 13014886 10201547414765402 1475136742 n Γιάννης Μπίνας (Giannis Binas)
Sporadically watching Formula 1 races between 1999-2001, on a constant basis since then. The debut of Felipe Massa surely had to do with that commitment, as also the performance of Kimi Raikkonen.
 13022219 10201547414205388 276195491 n Αναστάσιος Ίσαρης (Anastasios Isaris)
A veteran viewer of Formula 1, has been following the sport since the early '60s. Having had the prelude to enjoy his favourite Jim Clark at his best years, he shares the same passion for the sport all that years.
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Νίκος Αρβανίτης (Nikos Arvanitis)
The youngest member of the crew, addicted to Formula 1since the early '00s. A passionate McLaren fan, who admires Mika Hakkinen's talent.

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Γεωργία Μυστριώτη (Georgia Mystrioti)
She started occasionally watching Formula 1 when she was a child and has since branched out to other motorsport races, such as Moto GP. She is mostly keen on McLaren and still considers Ayrton Senna’s death one of the greatest losses in history..

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