Translated by Giannis Binas


What if Minardi’s budget was always limited and the potential for distinctions delimited in advance?

Translated by Giannis Binas


At the era when the scales between driver and car tilted to the former…

Translated by Ioannis Binas.

McLaren’s single-seaters are, livery wise, included in the most beautiful ones over time – the most characteristic examples being the red and white single-seaters of the Marlboro era (1974-1996) and the ‘silver arrows’ of the West era (1997-2005).

translated by Giannis Binas

In 1978, the Canadians deliriously celebrated the triumph of their compatriot, Gilles Villeneuve, at the circuit of Montreal – he couldn’t have chosen a better place for his maiden win in Formula 1.

Σίγουρα όλος ο κόσμος παραξενεύτηκε ή ακόμα και γέλασε όταν οι μηχανικοί τις Williams στην αλλαγή ελαστικών του Valtteri Bottas στο GP Βελγίου το 2015, τοποθέτησαν τρία ελαστικά μαλακής και ένα μεσαίας γόμας.

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