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Damon Hill – David Coulthard in Greece

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The presence of Formula 1 drivers within the borders of a country which is not included in the list of countries visited by the F1 circus, can be attributed, either to the context of n event, organized by a team’s sponsor, or to… leasure.

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In the middle of the 90s, specifically in 1995, Rothmans tobacco firm, Williams’ title sponsor, was the reason that the British team’s duo, Damon Hill and David Coulthard, visited Greece, a few months apart from each other.

FW17 Hill 1

The 1994 championship runner-up, Damon Hill, came to Athens in February 1995 with Williams’ commercial manager, Richard West.

Getting off the sponsor’s helicopter, he was ‘interrogated’ by Greek sports reporters, during the press conference, held at Paiania.

On the following video, an excerpt from the Greek tv show “from the driver’s seat”, by Aris Stathakis.

Dimitris Diatsidis strikes the note of the event.

A few months later, it was David Coulthard’s turn to arrive within the borders of the Greek territory.

Not at the same city with his team-mate though, but several kilometers to the north.

In September 1995 then, the Scot visited the so called “bride of the north” for an event of Rothmans, carried out in the framework of the Thessaloniki International Fair (T.I.F.).
From 3:04 onwards, David Coulthard is pictured in front of the “White Tower” initially and next at Rothmans’ event.

We recommend to watch the video from the beginning, it’s worth it:

Let’s hope that, at some point in the future, drivers will be coming to Greece not just for events or vacation, but for a Hellenic/Mediterranean/call it as you wish Grand Prix.

Daydreaming for sure; dreams do not cost, on the other hand…

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