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Wolfgang von Trips at the Hill Climb of Parnes

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Wolfgang von Trips is the first German driver to win a Grand Prix and was close to becoming the first German world champion, if it wasn’t for that tragic accident in Monza, on September 10, 1961.

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These are more or less already known.
What the most aren’t familiar with, is that the German raced 2 times at the hill climb of Parnes (or Parnitha), in the years 1957 – 1958, when the race was counting for the European championship, with the Porsche team.
In 1957, only half of Parnes had remained, as a great part of the tarmac needed repairs, which were not yet complete.
Thus, the contestants passed the part in which the tarmac was good, twice, and in the end, the times were added together.
Von Trips was the winner, ahead of his compatriot and also f1 driver, Ηans Herrmann.



Course Internationale de Cote du Mont Parnes
September 29, 1957


Place, Driver, Car, 1st run, 2nd run, total

1. von Trips, Porsche 1500 RS, 4m 12.7, 4m 09.6, 8m 22.3
2. Herrmann, Borgward 1500 RS, 4m 14.0, 4m 11.2, 8m 25.2
3. Barth, Porsche 1500 RS, 4m 13.7, 4m 12.8, 8m 26.5
4. von Frankenberg, Porsche RSK, 4m 16.6, 4m 16.2, 8m 32.8
5. Juttner, Borgward 1500 RS, 4m 33.2, 4m 25.1, 8m 58.3
6. von Hanstein, Porsche Carrera, 4m 32.2, 4m 28.7, 9m 00.9
7. Spiliotakis, Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce, 4m 46.2, 4m 47.8, 9m 34.0
8. Michos, Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce, 4m 50.6, 4m 48.8, 9m 39.4
9. Manousis, MG A, 5m 18.8, 5m 21.8, 10m 40.6
10. Chronidis, Porsche 1500, 5m 36.1, 5m 36.9, 11m 13.0

Von Trips ParnithaJPG

In 1958, the event took place normally, as the necessary repairs had been completed.
The German won the race again and, in fact, scoring a record that nobody broke for as long as the race was held.


Mount Parnassus, Greece
May 4, 1958, distance 6.2 miles


1. W. von Trips, Porsche RS 1500 (D), 6m 30.9
2. H. Herrmann, Borgward H 1500 RS (D), 6m 36.6
3. G. Cabianca, Borgward H 1500 RS (I), 6m 50.5
4. E. Barth, Porsche RS 1500 (D), 6m 57.5
5. F. Huschke von Hanstein, Porsche Carrera, 7m 01.9
6. U. Maglioli, Porsche RS 1500 (I), 7m 03.4
7. C. Spiliotakis, Alfa Giulietta SV (GR), 7m 28.7
8. A. Michos, Alfa Giulietta SV, (GR), 7m 37.9
9. L. Fischer, Porsche Spyder 1500 (D), 7m 49.8
10. J. Canaroglou, MGA (GR), 8m 42.4


Aside from Wolfgang von Trips of course, there was another F1 driver that competed in a race in Greece.
Italian Andrea de Cesaris competed in 4x4 races, alongside F1.
In fact, for one of the events he took part in, he had arrived directly after testing for F1, and, in his rush, instead of getting the helmet for the 4x4 event, he was confused and brought the F1-spec one.
That helmet offered less visibility than the 4x4-spec one, and, as a result, he had to turn his head completely during narrow hairpins to see where he was going.
The characteristic nickname of “De Crasheris” pursued him in our country too, for he managed to go upside down in one of his participations and him with his co-driver got out of the car… on 4!
Certainly, apart from some unlucky moments, the Italian had quite a success on the Greek ground.

De Cesaris 4x4

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