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Monaco 1950: First win for Juan Manuel Fangio and the first rear engine single seater.

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1950 was the year that Formula 1 became a world championship and Monaco was the 2nd out of the 7 races of the year.

Date of 1st publication: 20/05/14

Juan Manuel Fangio claimed the first pole position of his career, right ahead of the winner of the first race, Giuseppe Farina, both with an Alfa Romeo.
The first row of the start (back then each row had 3 single-seaters) was filled by Jose Froilan Gonzalez in the Maserati.
Luigi Fagioli (Alfa Romeo) and Alberto Ascari (Ferrari) were confined in positions 5 and 7 respectively.
In Monaco, Cooper’s single-seater made its appearance with T12 and American Harry Schell in the cockpit.
The private team of Horschell Racing Corporation made one and only attempt to ‘race’ the single-seater that was bearing JAP’s engine at the back, but they didn’t even manage to record a lap time in qualifying.
Even though, the team competed normally in the race, starting from the 20th position.

Harry Schell Cooper

The 100 laps that the drivers had to complete, meant that the total distance of the race would be 318,1 km.
With the start signal, Fangio went ahead, but chaos prevailed right behind him.
Farina stepped on some sea water that had entered the tabac corner, resulting in him ‘parking’ on the wall.
Except the Italian, another 8 drivers had a crash, including Fagioli and Schell, and that way, the first participation in the Formula 1 world championship of a single-seater with the engine at the back, went up in flames.

Fangio Monaco 2

The next retirement was that of Gonzalez, after an impact, while, until the end of the race, there were just two more retirements, attributed to mechanical problems.
Fangio remained at the lead of the race for all the 100 laps, made the fastest lap, and left the second, Alberto Ascari, one lap behind.
In total, 7 of the 19 single-seaters that eventually managed to start the race, made it to the finish, with the ‘local’ Louis Chiron in the Maserati, getting on the podium.



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