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Pacific’s humorous anthem

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Translated by Giannis Binas


What if the books of statistics recall it as one of the least successful teams to enter F1 in the 90s?

Pacific’s managers can boast for the fact that, in contrast to the other teams, theirs left an ‘indelible mark’ to the sport – and what a mark, a musical one!
On the one hand, the track results during 1994-1995 were poor, but they were capable of inspiring the composing of an anthem – ode to the little British team. Rumor has it that because of the French verse, the British charts rejected it, for the fear of an unexpected popularity among the English speaking songs.
And since words are redundant for such a chant – a real masterpiece, enjoy it in the following video:

In a liberal interpretation:

I am a Pacific driver, such a beloved team, I am always lagging, I am 26th

I hug the curbs with my Pacific-Ford, I am not afraid to use these bumps.
I wanted to reach the points, but in the end I got nothing, to tell the truth I never expect to qualify in the race.

Pacific, yeah Pacific, we are always last, it’s tragic enough.
Pacific, yeah Pacific, we complete the fewest laps, with Gachot and Belmondo

To finish a race is never easy, with Deletraz and Montermini

Lavaggi brings the cash, we thank him for that, but we’re still tragic, just as every Sunday
My times are amazing, 10 seconds from Johnnie Herbert

I know it’s sad, but participation is what counts

Pacific, yeah Pacific, behind Simtek, there’ our cars
Pacific, yeah Pacific, nothing changes, we’re up for closing

The last verse, appeared prophetic.

After failing to acquire its super license. Katsumi Yamamoto for the two races on Japanese grounds and Oliver Gavin for Australia (both were to pay to race), Pacific marginally managed to cover the travel expenses to the transatlantic races and right after them, said farewell to the Formula 1 world forever.


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